How DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning Could Cost You More

You may be thinking that doing DIY end of tenancy cleaning will save you good money. Indeed, with a big house to clean, the end of tenancy cleaning prices can run into several hundred pounds. DIY end of tenancy cleaning might seem a good idea, but it really is not.  Here is why you could end up spending a lot for end of tenancy cleaning when you choose the DIY route.

Purchasing/hiring  equipment

If you are handling the cleaning, you will have to acquire the needed cleaning equipment and cleaning materials. While equipment like hoovers can be hired, you must purchase cleaning materials like bleach and detergents. This is not only costly but also inconvenient in terms of the time spent shopping for these items.

Damage to items

End of tenancy cleaning involves comprehensive cleaning of the house from top to bottom, and all hidden corners. This will entail moving heavy furniture to clean underneath, climbing to high heights to dust the ceiling, and moving delicate appliances.

All these tasks have the risk of damaging the items, and also the risk to personal health that could come from injuries from falling or getting crushed by heavy items. In case of damaged items, there will be replacement costs. In case of injuries, there are health costs and lost income costs from missing work.

There is also the risk of damaging upholstery and fabrics if washing is done improperly. This is more so if you decided to cut costs and purchase harsh detergents and bleaches.


There is a high likelihood that a DIY job will come out wrong especially if the work to be handled is a lot. In case the job does not pass the landlord’s inspection, there are two outcomes. You will be forced to repeat the work or counter the dispute by claiming the job is perfect and taking legal measures against the landlord.

Either way, the landlord will hold on to your tenancy deposit. The small claims court will most likely side with the landlord because a standard tenancy agreement requires a tenant to leave the house as it was at the beginning of the tenancy. All this will eventually add up to a considerable amount.

It is always advisable to engage a professional cleaning service even if the end of tenancy cleaning prices feels like a pinch in the wallet. A professional cleaning service has a higher guarantee of doing the job correct the first time, meaning you can collect your tenancy deposit sooner.