Looking for the Best Tenancy Cleaning London Service?

You have to do end of tenancy cleaning if you need your tenancy deposit back. The only thing you can do engage the best tenancy cleaning London service you can get to do the cleaning. This will guarantee that the job gets done the first time right. You will actually save time and money by engaging a cleaning service rather than attempting to do DIY tenancy cleaning. There are numerous cleaning service companies in London so finding the right one should not be hard. You can deploy a few tips to get the best cleaning service.

Ask on Facebook

You must have friends on Facebook who have moved in the recent past. Instead of asking them one by one on the phone, make a Facebook post requesting anyone with a good cleaning service to recommend pass you the contacts. This can easily get you 10 good leads to cleaning services with a proven record.

Search on Google

After getting leads, do a Google search as part of your due diligence. Are there any negative mentions coming up? You can also look at sites like Ripoff report to check if there are any mentions or complaints about the cleaning service. If there are, has the cleaning service responded and how fast?

Visit the office

It is always advisable to do a visual assessment of the cleaning service you are looking to hire. This will help you gauge the level of professionalism of the management. How are members of staff (cleaning crew) treated? A company that treats it, workers, shoddily will most likely offer you the same treatment.

You can also assess the capacity of the cleaning service in terms of manpower and equipment. How many workers are on site?  Is heavy duty equipment available? This is important if the house to be cleaned is large or there are special needs like stubborn stains.

A physical visit will also help you negotiate. Sales reps are more likely to offer a better deal in person than over the phone or email.  If you have any questions, you have a good opportunity to get everything cleared.


It is advisable to compare two or three cleaning services before making a choice. Pick the price quotes and compare the packages offered. Look at their off-limit lists and see the one that is best suited for your needs. The off-limit list is the tasks that a cleaning company does not handle.

Getting the best tenancy cleaning London service is not that hard. Follow these tips and you will find a professional cleaning service fast.