Tips on dressing right for air travel

When you imagine that your scheduled flight will land you in a new destination, region or country, you might be tempted to put on your Sunday best. Let’s be realistic, unless you are on a 15-45 minutes flight and landing straight into a meeting, you will be disappointed at how your clothes look after hours of travelling in an overcrowded and stuffy airplane. It is best and highly recommended that travellers wear clothes in which they are comfortable. While it is true that most of your fly time might be spent in sleep, you might want to go easy on the jumper suit. The idea is to be as comfortable as possible while inflight but chic to impress when you step out of the airport. Here are some handy tips to dressing right; 

Be practical 

There is no doubt that airports are a melting pot of various cultures and nationalities and although you want to look your best, you are not auditioning for anything. As is the norm in many parts of the world, travellers get stranded in airports and many others are frustrated at delayed flights. They may genuinely want to see someone catwalk past them but they are probably too exhausted to focus. Pick a fashionable outfit that is clean and will not restrict your movement.

Be sensitive to other people

It might be your favorite shirt, but air travel is not the ideal place for clothes or bags with offensive messages or images. You will not get peace of mind from other travellers and their discontent will definitely leave you offended. 

For those who are not sure what to wear, how about a rugged top and fancy bottom or vice versa. You do not want to appear like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine but your look should also make those around you uncomfortable. 

Play about with accessories

If you choose to go plain on the clothes you wear, you can throw in a pair of flashy earrings, nice jewelry or fashionable bag to complete the look. Plain is good but you also want to appear like you put in some thought into what you wear for this trip.  

Consider the activities at the airport

There is no shortcut around passing through security at the airport so anticipate it with what you wear. If you can dress in garments that do not contain metal parts, great for you because you will have avoided the inconvenience of having to remove them for inspection. Don’t need a belt? Don’t bother to wear one because you will be required to remove it. The shoes you wear should be easy to remove and wear – you will be under lots of pressure if your shoes need lacing up and your flight just called for boarding.