What You Need to Know Before Moving in Your Rental

With a big student and young professional population, good accommodation in Manchester can be hectic to find. Looking at the classifieds, there are hundreds of listings of rooms to rent Manchester, but the quality of the listings varies a lot. A good number are outright con jobs. The stiff demand for decent affordable accommodation might sometimes make you overlook some important stuff that can have a big difference in your future happiness and state of wallet at your new place. There are some few things to find out before moving in.

What is the area like?

What kind of neighbourhood is it?  If you are into nightlife and the entertainment, you might be comfortable with a few noisy pubs. What is the crowd in the area? In an area with a majority of students and young professionals, you can expect some vibrancy and a bit of rowdiness. Look around and decide if the neighbourhood meets your expectations in class and sophistication.

How much is to be paid in advance?

If too much is demanded, either the rooms need major repairs before you move in, or you are the victim of a deposit con. Be careful when giving money upfront. Generally, landlords will ask for a tenancy deposit equal to one month’s rent. Some will ask for two months’ worth, but it rarely goes beyond that.

How can the tenancy be ended?

There are two typical types of clauses in tenancy agreements. There is the break clause that allows the tenant to move out after a certain period, e.g. 6 months, provided there are no arrears in bills and rent. There is the release clause, which allows tenants to move out whenever they would like, but with a penalty involved.

What is the state of the premises?

Remember that a tenancy agreement will usually require you to restore the rooms to how you found them. The landlord will usually prepare a moving-in inventory report to show the state of the premises, and give you a copy. If he/she has not done so, you can prepare your own, have the landlord sign it and keep a copy. You will need it when moving out.

Will repairs be done before moving in?

If you find suitable rooms to rent but in a bit of disrepair, is the landlord willing to repair before moving in? Can you foot the repair bill and have it deducted from the rent? What if you wanted to customize the rooms?

Knowing this information before moving in rooms to rent Manchester will guarantee a smoother stay and secure your tenancy deposit.